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1993 BMW 325is

In January '01, I traded my '87 325is for a '93 model and started a new chapter in BMW ownership. I was ready for a change and loved the stronger engine and styling of this newer series. The best part of this car is the handling. I always enjoy its superb road feel and steering response. A great sporty yet practical ride!

With the "E36" chassis, U.S. launched in 1992, BMW started down a new road. The E36 3-series showed new attention to luxury and aesthetics. Gone were the stodgy interiors of the previous generation 3's. These cars had more styling appeal and actually moved BMW beyond their microscopic attention to engineering details.

1993 BMW 325is exterior
My '93 325is with 16" sport rims and M3 exhaust

The E36 featured not only an all-new body style, but an all-new engine as well. The 2.5 liter version now produced 189 hp (compared with 168 hp on the E30) and featured dual overhead camshafts.

1993 BMW 325is interior
I added the sport steering wheel, wood trim, pistol-grip shifter, and factory in-dash CD player.

In keeping with my passion for modernizing and tastefully upgrading a good thing, below is a list of work I performed over the years:

  • Factory in-dash CD with Phatbox mp3 player (see write-up)
  • Leather pistol-grip auto shift knob (see write-up)
  • 3-spoke sport steering wheel (see write-up)
  • M3 front spoiler (see write-up)
  • M3 exhaust (see write-up)
  • Tinted windows
  • Factory wood kit
  • Factory sheepskins
  • 16" factory sport wheels and 225/50 tires
  • 1995 climate control face plate
  • Center cup/coin holder
  • Paint-matched side skirts and rear apron (see write-up)
  • Pioneer 4x6 rear deck speakers in place of factory enclosures (see write-up)
1993 BMW 325is with M3 front spoiler
M-Tech front spoiler.
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Texas, USA