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2001 BMW 740i Sport

Shortly after buying my 2003 530i Sport (and spending much money addressing its problems), I began to get that feeling: I really would prefer a car that's a bit less common, and has more presence and exclusivity. I originally bought the 530 as a practical replacement for my 840Ci, and in that role it worked. But after 6 years of E31 ownership I had forgotten just how much I liked its unique appeal.

The E38 chassis was always first on my list as the "proper" alternative to my 840, but I just couldn't find a good example at a reasonable price. I finally found a 2001 740i Sport in Orient Blue Metallic - the same color as my previous 840 - at an agreeable price, and drove it home to Texas from Colorado in December 2014.

BMW 740i Sport on Galveston Beach
My '01 740i Sport on Seawall Boulevard in Galveston, Texas.

It was in good condition overall but suffered from the usual minor maintenance deficiencies such as leaking power steering hoses and valve cover gaskets. It also needed a bit of TLC regarding broken or worn interior components such as cracked and faded wood trim and broken seat back pockets. I will enjoy bringing this car back to its former glory!

BMW 740i Sport at Galveston Scholes airfield
The 18" wheels and black-out trim really differentiates the 740i Sport.

After only one week of ownership I felt this car would deliver that satisfying feeling I had been looking for. It's a special, elegant car that still turns heads. For me, the sport package is essential, and really transforms its character. I'm confident the 740i Sport will bring an ownership experience closer to my tastes.

BMW 740i Sport in the sun
Shining in the sun in front of the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, Texas.
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Texas, USA