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1999 BMW 528iT

In October 2010, I finally sold my beloved 1993 325is. It was too similar (in utility value) to my 840Ci. In its place I wanted a larger, more practical BMW to better compliment my 8'er. Since I had already tried the X5 and was not satisfied with its harsh ride, I turned to the 5 series wagon (or as it's called: a "touring").

I liked the idea of owning a non-SUV, especially one with even more room than the X5! After six months of shopping for an unmolested example, I found one in April of 2011: a well maintained '99 528iT - in the special champagne gold with sand leather interior. Perfect!

1999 BMW 528iT
My '99 528iT, after purchase, in completely stock condition and 93K miles.

As is my nature, I immediately began working on the car's minor issues and so far have completed the following:

  • Front thrust arm bushings and rear sub frame bushings,
  • ASC/ABS module rebuilt,
  • Ignition contact switch cleaned (solved intermittent electrical gremlins),
  • Headlight adjusters,
  • VANOS rebuilt (results: wow!) with valve cover gasket set,
  • Hard disc media in place of CD changer (Phatbox),
  • Power steering fluid lines,
  • Windshield washer tank rebuilt (pumps and seals).
1999 BMW 528iT, interior
As usual with modern BMW's, I love the well designed and tasteful interior.

I have enhanced the utility value of the car with the following:

  • Window tint
  • Factory roof crossbars
1999 BMW 528iT, rear view
The well proportioned rear view with stock 16" wheels
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Texas, USA