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1987 BMW 325is

In 1994 I needed to buy a car and was fortunate enough to come across a 1987 BMW 325is at a local car dealer. Thinking BMW's were out of my price range, I was surprised to discover just how affordable they can be. I bought it, and have never looked back.

With this, my first BMW, I learned these cars combine the feel and performance of a sports car with the practicality of a sedan. So for those looking for the best of both worlds, this is home. They still build a driver's car with all the right features such as front engine/rear-wheel drive (one of the few) and a sweet-sounding, in-line, six cylinder engine.

1987 BMW 325is exterior
My first BMW, a 1987 325is, parked on the dike in Texas City, Texas

The 3-series officially began in 1975 and was known in America as the 320i. Its chassis model designation was "E21" and was produced until 1983. It won the favor of auto enthusiasts and journalists but enjoyed only limited popularity here.

But then, in 1984 the line was re-worked and released as the "E30" 3-series and it is this model line, consisting of the 318i and 325i, which really brought BMW to prominence. Their cars were now fully matured and accepted by the public and enthusiasts alike.

It was again updated in 1992 as the "E36" 3-series, which I later purchased as my second BMW (see 1993 325is). And in 1999, the 3 series became the "E46" chassis, one of the most beautiful modern BMWs ever designed. The "E92" chassis debuted in 2006 showing BMW's controversial new design direction which, in my view, is not nearly as elegant as its predecessors.

1987 BMW 325is interior
My personal touches include the wood trim, Sony AM/FM/CD, and center arm rest.
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Texas, USA