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Thanks for visiting my personal BMW website, where I share DIY procedures and related information for enthusiasts. This site profiles BMW's I've owned over many years.

Unlike some enthusiasts, I’m not interested in performance-oriented modifications of engines or suspension (I prefer factory set-ups). Instead, my interests lean toward keeping BMWs from the modern-classic era (1988 thru the early ‘00s) on the road while improving their utility and comfort with tasteful, modern, factory-like upgrades. The DIY procedures detail experiences gained from working on these cars, and focus on topics not normally mentioned in official literature.

This site is not legally affiliated with BMW N.A. in any way and solely represents my own experiences.

Site History

This site compiles data collected since 1994 with my first BMW purchase. I began chronicling my experiences online in 1998 after developing my first personal website. After participating in BMW discussion forums, I decided to share DIY procedures with fellow enthusiasts.

Later, some of these procedures proved popular worldwide and I began to receive numerous emails. My website also began to exceed monthly bandwidth limits. I therefore moved to a full scale hosting account with matching domain name in November 2009, and gave the site the current look you see here.

I have also added a visitor counter and guestbook (which, in May of 2018, I upgraded to a custom, integrated application). I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful!

My Background

I was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1966 but grew up in Houston, Texas. After high school I planned to become a professional pilot but my interests were too broad to commit to a single career. After finishing two college degrees with trials and tribulations in banking, engineering and politics, I moved to Austin, Texas in 1996, where I ran a home business as a web designer and kept a day job in sales.

Then in 2012, a new job opportunity called for a move to east Texas. Now, when I'm not playing with my BMW's or fixing up my house, I work in website administration.

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Willis, TX, USA